Jan 28, 2012

Circle of the Art

I am building my magical circle for a series of operation from the Ars Theurgia Goetia, and sure enough, I need a circle. As I am sick of Crowley's rendition floating everywhere on the web, I decided to publish my own version for those in need of one, based on Peterson's Lemegeton, as close to the manuscripts as possible (no snake, no pretty colors), but adding the Hebrew script.

You can download it strictly for personal purpose. If you wish to feature it on your website or blog, please let me know or give the proper credits, it has been an immense amount of work with scarce resources.

For those of you who are not afraid to get down to the canvas and do the dirty work of actually painting your own Solomonic circle (yes, they can also be done by Yourself, not necessarily bought), I m including this guide to fit the letters: when completed, divide the circle in 4 quarters, then half, then half again, resulting 16 sections to better distribute the letters. After painting them in erase the pencil division lines  and start with the other figures.


  1. This is fantastic. Thank you for redoing the design for the Circle, since I'm right with you on how, er, tacky Crowley's version is. If I do Goetia by the book, I'm going to default to using your design for this. The snake, too, always kinda bothered me. I figure that the Bornless Rite would take care of that ("Heart Girt With A Serpent is my name...").

    Funnily enough, I just made a circle design of my own based on Solomonic designs but without the pentagrams or string of Hebrew names for the different spheres. The timing is perfect! :D

  2. Once more, Thanx for sharing !

  3. Polyphanes: actual if you are going by the book(s?), you should also dump the "Bornless rite" as it is not part of Lemegeton's Goetia nor Thurgia-Goetia.

  4. BtF: Agreed, but I make a habit of doing it anyway. It's still a nifty ritual to have handy, anachronistic to the Art as it might be.

  5. Thanks for sharing that :)
    I believe that the circle of art that the Mafteach suggest (not the one that been drawn, but the one that the Mafteach explain how to draw without any drawings) may interest you. I will post about it...

  6. Thanx for the input people! Always glad to serve the common good of my magician kin.

    Nothing from the Crowley Goetia serves me, I should add. I will not trash other magiciand for doing it, but in my view the Bornless rite, the LBPRs and so on are utterly useless.

    Gal, I can barely wait to see the details of the circle from the SMS.

    The Goetia is in itself a self contained system that can be enriched by like-minded elements, since there are no directions for the sword, the mitre, the oil and such, and the SMS is also another matzah ball soup altogether.

    Once we have enough of your brillian translations I believe we can draw an outline of the complete evocation ritual and put it to practice.

  7. Hey,
    What is written?
    Why is it written? (motivation/occult philosophy behind it)
    Also how would you consecrate it?

  8. Hey AV, nice to have you over.
    This is a reworking of the traditional Circle of the Art in the Solomonic tradition, from the Goetia, the first book of the Lemegeton. It can be used also with the second book, Ars Theurgia. The circle is painted on the floor or in my case, a large canvas, and is supposed to be retraced with the sword. Nice sections on consecrating the Circle can be found in the Liber Juratus, the Heptameron and the Fourth book, and of course, the Key of Solomon.

    The hebrew letters are the scale of ten from Agrippa, mentioning for the nine spheres above the Earth zone the name of the zone, the ruling planet, the God name, the archangel name and the angelic choire, separated by crosses. I will do an in depth analysis of it later on.

  9. Hey Asterion,
    Nice explanation.
    So its still the generic circle?
    Nice looking circle, I think I will experiment with it!

    Though I must say: I like the colors in the Crowley circle

  10. I have to admit that I strayed a tiny bit from Sloane 3648. Instead of using the cabalistic angelic hierarchy that Agrippa calls "according to the traditions of men", I use the older neoplatonic version, also included Agrippa's scale of ten, based on Pseudo-Dionysius. Naturally this means I don't include the sephiroth either.

    An example would be thus:

    Jehova Sabaoth + Haniel + Principalities (instead of Elohim) + Sphere of Venus

    But everything else is the same.

  11. Wow, this is fun!

    Nice to descover your blog! I m having problems jopining it s followers but i m gure it s just a glitch.

    I d love to see a pic of your circle :D

    1. Huh. That is strange. I'll try to see what the deal is..

  12. This is great. Not to bash Crowley any more than he deserves to be bashed, but I never liked his circle nor did I ever care for his version of mather's translation. In reading over the Goetia of Dr. Rudd I had to laugh at how Skinner & Rankine rake Crowley over the coals (in a way). I have always preferred the Sloane MS from Peterson's, but am looking into Rudd more closely. Thank you for your work, amazing as always.

  13. Thank you for your kind words Peter, your blog is going straight to the roll. Yes, Peterson s version is the best we could find, and some missing pieces are still in manuscripts. Will solve that soon, heheheee..

    1. "Will solve that soon, heheheee."
      Ha, no doubt my friend. No doubt.

  14. I love it, Asterion. Any advice on how best to get a perfect circle on canvas? Did you use a bar compass?